About David Xie
This is Dongkai Xie (pronounced like Dung-Kai-Shie), currently studying Human-Computer Interaction in University of Washington Information School.

Long-term goal: 
• Design user-friendly product for people.
• Help them conveniently interact with technologies.
• Ultimately, make the world a better place.
I am passionate on:
• Graphic Design
• UI/UX Design
• User Research
• Front-end programming
and lot more Design-related areas

Design principles:
• unified sans-serif font for simplicity and coherence
• use a pleasant color palette and font-size combination
• use icons as metaphors to enhance readability
it's all about making the artwork aesthetically pleasant

My accomplishments:
50 Graphic Design
• 10 Promotional Flyers
10 Photography collections
5 Interactive Websites
5 Information Visualizations
3 User Interface Prototypes
and I'm continuously creating more artworks

Career aspiration:
• Product Designer for computer/smartphone software
• User Research and Usability Tester
• Front-end Developer
• PM (Project/Product/Program Manager)
using my Design and other interdisciplinary skill to devise new technologies, and eventually solve people's problems and improve social welfare
Thank you for visiting my website; enjoy!
Copyright information: Unless I have otherwise specified in specific pages, all artworks under WelcomeGraphic Design, UI/UX sections are my own works (some of my artworks are composed from pre-existing artworks); all photos under Photography section are my own photos; Tutorials are composed by myself (may contain a portion of pre-existing tutorials written by others), all screenshots are made by myself. Some projects and pages contain trademarks which are property of their respective owners.
​​​​​​​Pretending that you've created my artworks; "Your behavior like this is annoying!"
Special notice for photos within the Photography section: no one is allowed to print photos (including using photos to produce on products) on any physical medium (such as postcards, posters, and mugs) without my copyright consent.
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